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Why Omega Instant Search for WordPress?

Increase Blog Findability

Give your visitors an opportunity of instant relevant pages choice and they will stay on your website even more than you expect!

Tweak Your Readers Experience

Search Autocomplete and Spell Correction gives your visitors the smoothest experience ever.

Multiple Active Readers Number

High-speed search operations, Fallback Search, Long Tail Search features give an opportunity to grow your active readers audience!

How Omega Search works?

1. Install Plugin

Download and install Omega Search plugin to your WordPress website. Installation is fast and simple.

2. Index search data

Plugin indexes your website posts and pages content and keeps search data in the Cloud.

3. Get results!

Now when your visitor enters a search query in your website, Omega Search returns relevant results from the Cloud in a split second!

Main Features

Search Autocomplete

Omega Instant Search feature suggests a reader finishing any search query automatically after entering the first symbols of a phrase. It saves visitors time: type less, get more options!

Mobile Search

Smartphone or tablet - Omega Instant Search for WordPress will work perfectly on any device type!

Search The Entire Website

Omega Instant Search allows searching everywhere within your WordPress website: categories, pages, posts, forum threads etc. Receive structured and relevant results for each search query!

Spell Correction

Your website visitors can search for inexact phrase. Omega Instant Search for WordPress corrects typos and misspellings immediately. Every reader will be heard by the best search!

Any language supported

Have a few different languages website? Omega Instant Search knows how to search any language! Plugin interface is customizable as well.

Multisite support

Own a few WordPress websites? Not a problem any more! Multiple sites - one search solution!

Fallback search

No entries for the exact search query? Not a problem any more! Fallback Search feature returns relevant results for the part of the phrase. Quite a chance to increase your website findability!

Long-tail search

Omega Instant Search uses Long-Tail search basis: a reader gets results even in case of searching with slashes and hyphens!

Singular / Plural search

Omega Instant Search for WordPress can perform searches both for singular and plural queries. Stemmer enables this feature with morphology preprocessors!

Pushing out of stock to the end

Omega Search pushes unavailable products to the end of result list automatically, stressing on the available items!

Stop words supported

Omega Instant Search supports a number of stop-words containing in its vocabulary. Search results no more include 'a', 'the', 'an' or any other stopwords!

Synonyms supported

Omega Instant Search is smart and searches using even synonyms for words in any entered query!

Redirects feature

A visitor looks for "News"? Omega search engine redirects directly to the News page at your website! Relevancy first!

Pricing Plans

Up to 50 products in your store
Up to 2 500 products in your store
Theme customization and integration by our team
Up to 10 000 products in your store
Theme customization and integration by our team
Up to 50 000 products in your store
Theme customization and integration by our team

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