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Instant Search as a sales booster

Provide relevant search result from the first letter customer types in

The default search function in a shopify store provides limited capabilities on product discovery.l It uses a simple rigid algorithm that looks for the exact match of the words and phrases a user types in the search bar to the store's content. When there is no match, the user will receive the phrase "Your search did not yield any results". This may discourage the customer from buying in your store.

The default search algorithm doesn't take into account typos, misspelling, synonyms, extra spaces or dashes, etc. This can limit product discoverability and ultimately it decreases your sales.


Revolutionize the browsing experience in your shop for your customers and make all your products easily discoverable with minimal effort. With Instant Search plugin for your shopify store, shoppers will be able to find what they need faster, thus increasing your sales.

This search extension for any shopify online store is a powerful and fully featured tool that makes the search function much more flexible and useful. It provides several key features to help customers find the product they need across all the content your store has to offer, including product pages, item collections, and blog articles.


Let your customers get more appropriate search result with such features as spell correction, fall back search, redirects and synonyms. With these options, a visitor will get relevant search results even while they are still typing a search query.

Default shopify search requires that the customer knows exactly what product they need. Yet the customer may not know exactly what they want and where to find it in your store - that's why they're using the search function, after all. Make your shop's search smarter and allow your customer to be gently lead to the product they want to purchase.

The Instant Search shopify app will bring search results from the first symbol customer types in the search bar. Bringing such powerful search capabilities into your store can dramatically increase sales.

Immediate search enhancement

Works instantly after installing

Provide your customers with enhanced search capabilities without the mandatory preliminary configuration of the search module. The Omega Instant Search app starts working right after installation and your store immediately starts returning smart results for products a customer intends to buy.

The default configuration of the module allows for use of such advanced options as fallback search, search autocomplete, and automatic language detection. Of course, you have the ability to configure the module later so it could better suit your needs. For example, add lists of stop words and synonyms to enable the corresponding functions in the search.

The advanced search options our shopify app provide don't slow down the search in your store. The enhanced search works very fast - customers get the result in the blink of an eye. The average search time is counted in milliseconds.


Incorrect spelling is not a problem

Find the correct results for a search query with incorrectly written words

Customer may not remember exactly what the product they want to purchase is called, they may remember its name partially or incorrectly. With Instant Search, the word spelling in a search query will not be an obstacle in the way of the product the shopper intends on buying.

Our module is configured by default to automatically detect the language in use and will try to correct spelling mistakes in the customer's search phrase.


For example, a shopper can miss a letter while typing their query, and instead of "pullover hoodie," they will type in "pullover hodie". The Omega Instant Search app will propose search results for a correctly spelled query. This module can handle even significant misspelling, for example a search query "jaacdket" will be correctly converted into a "jacket"

Make your store's search smart

Broaden the customer's view on the product you offer

Your store can show results that are synonyms to the initial customer's search query. Using synonyms, you can propose more items from your product catalog that may be relevant to the shopper.


For example, when visitor searches for a fitness tank top, with an active synonyms search the user will additionally receive results on such similar products as gym tank, endurance tank top, yoga top, etc.

Enhance the search with stop words

Make the search results more relevant by excluding common words

Use the dictionary of stop words to exclude from the search query, namely the most common words which can not be used as a keywords. Removing stop words from the search query analysis increases the speed of search output, and enhances the search results for a customer.


Use the filter option to quickly locate the necessary stop word from a long list of stop words.

Filters to narrow the search

Provide customers with filters for excluding the unnecessary entries from search results

The initial search query may be excessively broad and can include lots of products that the customer is not interested in. With our shopify search app, your shop can offer visitors a functionality to narrow down their search. Customers get the ability to exclude products with irrelevant product attributes, like price range, instantly.

Create filters for the search page based on such product attributes as price, category, product type, vendor, variant options, and tags. Using these filters customer, for example, can include in the search output only their favorite brands and a price range that is affordable to them.

Search statistics in realtime

Analyze search requests to easily spot customer demands

Our module provides your store with a powerful analytic tool with graphical capabilities to make the search queries a new source of useful data for your shop.


View total search statistic and see trends of search usage in your store. Get details on top search queries for the last 30 days and discover how many searches and hits each query received. See the data on search queries that returned result for the same time period.

Use filters in the analytics section of the app to find the statistics on any particular search query. You can also filter the search query data by the number of search requests and search hits.


Add a list of ignored IP-addresses to exclude searches that should not be counted in the general statistics. These can be, for example, searches made by your staff.

Seamless theme integration

Get an enhanced search even if your theme doesn't have one by default

Even as the search function is built into any shopify store, your particular design theme may not have a search bar for a quick access to search functionality.

Use the Omega Instant Search to provide your customers with the ability to quickly make searches in your store. Your shop frontend will receive an interactive search box which takes almost no space when it is not being used, thus minimally influencing the design theme of your store.


Using this search box, your customers can navigate directly to the product page, or they can open the page with all search results to narrow the search output with filters.

The search box our module provides has a full support of mobile devices. You can configure it to be displayed on mobile gadgets in full screen mode.

Rank products as you need

Display the most popular and profitable products first

Make the search page release information in whichever way you need by configuring the products ranking. Use this option to display or hide items with certain tags. With a separate switch, decide whether the out-of-stock products should be included in the search result.


Additionally, hide pages of your store from displaying in search output. For example, you don't want to display a page with contacts or any other auxiliary pages like it in the search. Flexibly configure the URLs of such pages by using wildcards.

Redirect customers to products

Skip the general search page and direct customers to the section they need

Optimize the search and boost your sales by redirecting customers form the general search page to a specific section of your store.


Create redirection rules to use this option as a powerful promotion option. For example, a customer may search for clothing, and you have special discounts on it. You can create a rule in which clothing queries will be redirected to the page with discounts instead of a general search page.

Make unique Search Results Page

Flexibly configure how your store will present search results

Replace the default search page of your store with the more functional one that Omega Instant Search proposes. You can flexibly customize the functionality and the visual looks of your search page.


Make the custom search page more functional by enabling the filters block, and showing it on top of the search results.

Select how the search page will be visually formed: as a grid, list, table. Configure what product attributes to show for each of the visual modes.

The search page Omega Instant Search provides can be made more appealing by resizing and compressing the product images to the requirements of the particular user's screen.

Additionally, you can customize the visual style of the elements on the search page. For example, you can chose a color that will especially highlight the prices of the discounted products. Also add a special badge label to such products and make them visually stand out in the general search output.

Install the Omega Instant Search extension and let your customers discover every product in your store!