Omega Instant Search

Make everything discoverable. Omega Instant Search gives you search solutions to power your business.

completes customer search query automatically

Search Autocomplete

After entering the first letters, Omega Search completes customer search query automatically.

Corrects typos and misspellings

Spell Correction

Corrects typos and misspellings quickly, so your customers don't have to worry about their spelling errors.

customer can get results for part of their phrase.

Fallback Search

If there's no products for the entire search, customer can get results for part of their phrase.

At Omega Commerce we envision the future of search optimization and thus, we have created the Omega Search. It guides your potential clients to what they are searching for and delivers correct results in a split second. Instantly.

Thus, together with you, we will turn your site visitors into your actual customers, who will drive more sales and store profit.

We strongly believe that everyone should be able to integrate a high level search into their store. Therefore, we have created different plans that are supposed to fit entrepreneurs at any level. You can begin a free 30-day trial without any obligations.

TOP-5 Features to try:
  • Outperformance: customers will obtain relevant search results instantly.
  • Autocomplete: Search-As-You-Type drop-down menu is integrated into your current search bar. It completes your customers' search queries automatically, after they enter the first few characters. Thus, your customers’ time is effectively saved. So easy.
  • Spell Correction: typos are fixed during typing! Spelling mistakes are not the reason to return empty search result pages anymore. Your customers will receive relevant results for every search query they make.
  • Custom Filters: Provide your customers with the ability to filter items directly on a search results page. By the way, the filters can be customized according to your store needs.
  • Store-Wide Search: Customers are able to search through the whole store via one search results page. Products, Collections, Pages, and Blog posts are displayed with one query.
We Offer you:
  • Free full-featured version for trial period.
  • Free setup: Our professional support will gladly guide you through the installation process. We will help you in tweaking the service to fit your specific store requirements and meet your personal needs.
  • Pay As You Go! No long-term commitments, pay each month for what you actually use.
  • Excellent Service Quality: It drives more sales into your store due to its great performance.
  • Start in 5 Minutes: No complicated installation process and no need for developer help - just sign up and start using it!
  • Innovation: we use the latest search algorithms in order to envision a new customer experience.
  • Marvelous support!

Get the full version of Omega Search FREE for a lifetime! The free plan is good for a store with up to 500 products in catalog!

We have created an application to provide ease of use, but we understand that problems and questions can come up. Please, bother us with any problems, concerns, or ideas for improvement! After all, it’s our job!

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