Analytics in Shopify

Overview of Available Reports

How to get enhanced reports in Shopify

Get access to 50+ reports in your Shopify store regardles the subscription plan with Advanced Reports app for Shopify. Make the data in your store more useful by analyzing it in the way that is the most convenient to you. Our developers did a great job to improve the interface and usability.

General overview of Shopify reports

Learn what reports are available in Shopify and use them make educated decisions based on the data from your store. There are several types of reports a Shopify store can obtain from the data available in its database. These reports in at large can be divided on general and more subtle.

Shopify Annual Report in details

Yearly reports is a way for a brand to introduce itself for its customers in the most ideal light. Organizations can show the qualities that put them aside from contenders. Learn how to get annual report in Shopify.