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shopify reporting & ecommerce analytics platform

Backup your decisions with analytics

Track your store's performance without drowning in data

Use the plentiful of the metrics your store provides to make informed decisions. Make your verdict for future actions on the reports on sales and product catalog. Uncover the peculiarities of customer behaviour statistics and better understand your audience. Get this data in realtime to facilitate your decision-making process.

Advanced dashboard

Quickly get vital statistics on your store on the dashboard

Look at the main sales statistics of your store on one page. Shopify offers dozens of reports for store owners, which can be inconvenient if you want quickly track the performance of your shop, getting information on sales in one glance.

The metrics of your shop are shown in numeric and graphic formats where it is applicable.

Use the dashboard Advanced Reports provides to see the current information on sales for specified period and compare it with the sales data for the previous period. You can choose a reporting period from the predefined set of terms: today, yesterday, week, month, quarter, year.

On the dashboard get such information as total revenue amount, number of orders, quantity of sold products. For the specified time period the dashboard provides the average sum for the orders in your store, net sales. It also shows the amount of discounts and taxes. The cost of orders shipping is also displayed on the dashboard.


Quick access to reports

Locate the necessary reports by using tags

Our module offers several dozens of prebuilt reports and offers a functionality to create custom reports. In order to spend less time trying to find the necessary report from the long list of available reports use tags. Transfer to the reports with the identical tags by clicking on the tag.

All prebuilt reports our extension offers are already tagged. Tag your custom reports to gain quick access to them.

Mark any report as favorite to gain even quicker access to it. The section My Favorites is located above the list with all reports. Additionally, favorite reports can be quickly accessed on the My Favorites tab at the top of the list.

Choose how to display reports

View the reports in a way you find the most convenient

The reports presented by the shopify Advanced Reports extension can be viewed online internally in your Shopify shop or they can be exported. Any report can be exported to Microsoft Excel (.xlsx), PDF document, Web page (.html), CSV file and Google Sheets.

Using internal report presentation you can obtain the shop's statistics in the format of data table or a histogram. Specify the time period you wish to be included in the report. You can choose from the list of predefined periods (day, week, month, quarter, year), or set your own period.

When viewing the report in the table form you can add or remove any data column. Sort the information in the table by any column. Use filters for any column to narrow the scope of view for the data presented in the table.


Visualize reports on a chart

See the trends in your store by viewing the reports data in graphic form

The reports can be presented in a form of the graphic chart to highlight the trends in your store. The bars of the histogram are interactive: hover the mouse on it to get its numerical value.

Include the columns available in data table to be displayed on the chart. Alternatively, you can edit the chart and add columns for X and Y axes without returning to the table mode.

You are free to change the chart type from the default histogram to area, line, bar, pie, scatter:

Choose the chart type that makes your data most informative with this one of the best shopify reports app.

Email the reports

Get reports in a way that is convenient to you

You can get fresh information and statistics on your store even without visiting the reports pages. The data can be sent directly on your email automatically by schedule. Specify when to get the reports: every hour or every day, or by specific time and date. Our module will show you when the next sending event will occur.

Choose the specific period for the shopify reports app to include store data: today, yesterday, last 7, 30, 90 days, last month, last year. Alternatively, you can choose the week, month, year to date, and send reports with the all time data.

You can receive multiple reports in one email. Simply select the necessary information pieces from the list of available reports. Additionally, specify the format in which you would like to receive the analytics brief: CSV, Excel, PDF.


Create custom reports

Generate analytics from any data available in the database of your store

With Omega Advanced Reports you can visualize any data available in the database of your Shopify store. If there is no prebuilt report for that data you can create a custom report for it. Such reports will be available in section My Reports in general list of the reports and on the tab with the identical name.

Use existing reports as a template for new custom reports by copying it and modifying to your needs. When you are creating a custom report from scratch you can select any available representation: table, chart, single value.

If you require help in crafting the custom report the support of Omega Advanced Reports module can help you to create a data brief that in currently not on the list.

Prebuilt reports on sales

See in details how are sales going in your store

With Omega Advanced Reports you get more than a dozen of reports to show the sales statistics of your store from multiple available points of views. In addition to general sales overview report see the statistics of your store sales in depth with such reports as sales by channel, by POS location, by referring site.

Get shopify sales reports by product, by vendor. Obtain even more in-depth insights by viewing what variants of the product customers buy more. With this kind of report you will be able not only to see, for example, that men shorts are a popular product, but you will also know that men shorts of black color bring the most sales. Having such kind of information you can make informed decisions regarding your inventory.

Use the prebuilt report Average Order Value Over Time to monitor the statistics on the orders. Track how many orders your store had for any given time period. See the average order value for that period. Additionally display information on currency of the orders, financial status of the orders, reasons of order cancelling, customer information and many more data fields.

Additionally know the geography of your store. Track sales by Country, by Province/State, by City.


Bundled reports on customers

Monitor customer statistics in your store

Our module provides you with a number of readily available reports on your customers. Right after the Omega Advanced Reports installation you can get in-depth view of sales by customer and sales by customer tags.

With the Customers Without Orders report you can easily see the number of people who have registered in your store but have not made any purchase. Alternatively, see the number of your loyal customers with the prebuilt report Customers with More Than 3 Orders.

Use the First-time vs Returning Customer Sales report to track the number of loyal customers of your Shopify store.

Preconfigured reports on orders

Track the orders details in your store

Get explicit picture of orders in your Shopify store with our reporting module. See the general information on orders with the Order Details report.

Obtain in-depth analytics on orders with the specific reports such as Paid Orders, Orders with Amount > 1000, Pending Orders, Orders Pending Fulfillment.


Inventory reports

Know the situation on your inventory locations

The Omega Advanced Reports will help you to track your inventory with a built-in report Inventory on Hand. Easily see the inventory you have available for sale. Modify the reporting filter to exclude items from the report, for example, filter out products that are available in great quantity.

The built-in report Inventory by Location allows you to see in details the inventory levels on each of your inventory locations.

Refunds and taxes reported

Check the status on finances of your store

Know the total statistics of the refunded sums with general refund report and track refunds by item to know exactly what products and their variants have been refunded.

Get detailed information on taxes with several types of taxation reports: monthtly report on total sum of collected taxes, tax report on each order, taxes per country and per state.


Full features list

Prebuilt reports for store in-depth analysis with different data points

Omega Advanced Reports extension currently offers 37 prebuilt reports with the list being constantly expanded:

Sales reports
  • Sales Overview
  • Sales by Hour of Day
  • Sales by Day of Week
  • Sales by Month
  • Sales by Product
  • Sales by Product Type
  • Sales by Variant
  • Sales by Vendor
  • Sales by Vendor by Product Variant
  • Sales by Discount Code
  • Sales by Channel
  • Sales by Payment Method
  • Sales by POS Location
  • Average Order Value Over Time
  • Orders by Referring Site
  • Sales by Order Tags
Customer reports
  • Sales by Customer
  • Sales by Customer Tags
  • Customers Without Orders
  • First-time vs Returning Customer Sales
  • Customers with More Than 3 Orders
Refunds reports
  • Refunds by Item
  • Refunds
  • Sales by City
Geo reports
  • Sales by Country
  • Sales by Province/State
  • Sales by City
Reports on orders
  • Reports with orders details
  • Paid orders
  • Pending orders
  • Pending orders fulfillment
  • Orders with amount greater than 1000
Inventory reports
  • Inventory on Hand
  • Inventory by Location
  • Sales by City
Taxes reports
  • Tax Collected (Monthly)
  • Tax Details
  • Tax per Country
  • Tax per State
Shopify Report List
Custom reports

Create a custom report to accommodate your needs for analytics. Our support team can help you to build it.

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