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Our Benefits

Increase Search Conversion Rate

Give your customers an opportunity of instant relevant product choice and they will buy even more than you expect!

Tweak Your Customer Experience

Search Autocomplete and Spell Correction gives your customers the smoothest experience ever.

Multiple Your Store Sales

High-speed search operations, Fallback Search, Long Tail Search features give an opportunity to grow your sales!

How Omega Search works?

1. Install Extension

Download and install Omega Search extension to your Magento store. Installation is fast and simple.

2. Index search data

Extension indexes your store products and keeps search data in the Cloud.

3. Get results!

Now when your customer enters a search query in your store, Omega Search returns relevant results from the Cloud in a split second!


Search Autocomplete

Omega Search completes customer search query automatically after entering first symbols.

Search As You Type in action!

Extremely saves shoppers time!

Omnibus Search

Search everywhere within your store:

  • Categories
  • Products
  • CMS pages
  • Blog
  • Forum, etc

Get structured and relevant results every time!

Spell Correction

Omega Search corrects typos and misspellings unconsciously. Your store customers will experience the best search ever!

Mobile Search

Most customers shop with their mobile devices. Mobility matters now. Magento Instant Search works great with every mobile device!

Stop words supported

Get clean search results without 'a', 'the', 'an' or other stopwords!

Synonyms supported

Omega Search is quite smart and performs searches even using synonyms for words in entered query

Fallback search

Customer can get relevant results for the part of the phrase, if there's no products for the entire search query. A chance to drive some more sales!

Long-tail search

Omega Search successfully performs Long-Tail searches: slashes and hyphens are no more a barrier for quality results!

Singular / Plural search

Omega Search supports both singular and plural search functions. Stemmer brings this feature to live using morphology preprocessors!

What customers say about us

  • It works great and I would recommend it on your site. Moreover, the response time for help and improvement is some of the best I´ve come across.

    Sang, Elbilgrossisten
  • I really love this app! Their support is absolutely amazing! You won't be disappointed with this search app -- it really is the best one we've tried! A++

    Nadia, Jewelrycandles
  • This app is responsive and fast, and fits right in with my theme and the guys were super responsive. Great service!

    Paul, Good Pickney
  • We had some custom search box needs and sent out emails to over a dozen search app developers. The team at Omega Commerce were the ONLY ones who could craft the custom solution that we needed! They were super responsive to all our emails. I can't recommend them enough! They've earned our business for years to come!

    Neil, Nova Travel Club

Pricing Plans

Up to 50 products in your store
Up to 10 000 products in your store
Theme customization and integration by our team
Up to 50 000 products in your store
Theme customization and integration by our team
Up to 100 000 products in your store
Theme customization and integration by our team

Why SaaS solution? / SaaS vs. on-premises

  • SaaS solutions are several-fold faster! On-premises extensions average response time is 1-2 sec, whereas SaaS's is about 0.05-0.1 sec.
  • Extremely high reliability! Our services work from different data servers around the globe. And in case one of them occurs in down, service won't stop running - the other server replaces the failed one!
  • More functions - more value! Our services are quite flexible and able to bring more value to your store due to their extended functionality.
  • SaaS solutions are lower priced! The total price can be significantly reduced, as comparing to on-premises extensions, due to zero developer's efforts. You pay just a subscription fee - we make the rest for you!

Why Omega Commerce?

  • We know eCommerce business. We're not newcomers and know exactly which features your store customers and you need! That's why our solutions are made to serve your eCommerce business.
  • You may assemble your online store like a puzzle due to our service line! We offer a variety of highly demanded products effectively cooperating to bring your shop some new opportunities. It's up to you choosing among them to build the store of your dream. You choose - we deliver!
  • Regular updates and new features. Stable work of each service every day!
  • We provide FREE support.