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Your products can reach significantly wider audience with almost a push of a button. This is done by using the power of global marketplaces, shopping and product comparison engines. With the right shopping feed management the goods you sell can reach the qualified shoppers.

What is Shopping engine feed management?

The popularity of online shopping rapidly grows and this trend is expected to continue in the future. Consumers increasingly buy the products they need in online stores, but the new trend is that they tend to rely on the shopping engines for product discovery and comparison. For any online shop having a placement of its product catalog on a global scale in such shopping engine is an important objective to achieve.


A shopping engine feed management is a task a shop owner should include in the daily routine of his store. The feed management relates to gathering all the information on the product catalog of the eCommerce shop in one compact form and then uploading this data to the shopping engine in order to increase the audience of the shop, get effective promotion of the products, and ultimately increase sales.

The more relevant information you provide in your shopping feed to the shopping engine, the more chances your product will be shown to the person interested in buying it. So a general and rather important recommendation on shopping engine feed management is to provide the detailed information on products and fill as many fields in the shopping data feed as it is possible.

Effective shopping feed management is essential for successful shopping promotion campaigns. With the help of a quality shopping feed an eCommerce store can hel a shopping engine to decide the place where to put the advertisement for your product, and time when to display the advertisement.

How to understand a quality of the product feed

As a merchant who is interested in increasing sales it is your duty to build a shopping engine feed management process in a such way that it would result in a quality product feed. Providing the shopping engines with an optimized and quality product feed is an essential step to help those external services connect potential buyers with your products they are interested in.

Before uploading the product feed to the comparison or shopping engine it is necessary to optimize the quality of your product feed. When saying optimization it is meant to improve the information contained in the product feed. This will help avoid situations when a customer doesn't get enough information on the product he is interested in, or he is shown a completely irrelevant product that he had no intention to buy.

Usually the shopping engines provide to their clients a complete guide on how to create the optimized product data feed. Such information can be located in the help center, or a blog post. If you are unable to find the guide on product feed optimization you can create a request ticket for the support and ask for the guide in it.

The essential requirement for the quality product feed is to check whether this feed meets all the technical requirements a shopping engine enlists. Each shopping engine has its technical requirements and limitations, so pay attention to them in order for your product feed to be accepted for displaying in the shopping engine platform.

For example, some fields of information can be mandatory, some can have no information, but they still should be present in the feed file. Getting with technical feed optimisation is a primary step to a quality product feed.

After the feed has been optimized for technical requirements of the shopping engine you can proceed optimizing it in other aspects. This includes the optimization of the product catalog contents of your store.

The quality of the feed source is an important factor for a shopping campaign success. The feed quality depends on the quality of its source, e.g. - the product catalog of your shop. With a poor feed source quality there are high chances that the product feed content will be also underscored.

To ensure the high quality of your product catalog you may need to provide plenty of the correct information on the products. For example, you may want to reevaluate the titles of your products in order to make them more informative.

Ensure that you provide customers with all important information on a product. Consider the quality of images that are displayed on the product page and that will be used for your product feed. The availability of such information in a product feed can be crucial for the decision of purchasing the product. The visually pleasing product page and product feed may be a compelling point for a shopper to make a purchase.

Effective shopping engine feed management can be achieved with a tool for productive and cost-efficient feed management. Using such tools a store can opt for a competitive advantage in its segment. With the right tool for product feed management an eCommerce shop can benefit from fast and reliable process of the product feed creation, updating the feed, its uploading to the shopping engines and more.

A quality product feed may not only make your product catalog more informative, but it may also improve the return on investments of the shopping campaign you're trying to market on a shopping engine. Using the effective shopping engine feed management tool the store can expect on getting maximum return on investments for the shopping campaign.

Benefits of using feed management tool

The data feed of your store which is uploaded to such shopping engines like Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, ShareASale and others is simply a file with the information on products. This file can be opened and viewed in any spreadsheet editor. You can craft and modify your product feed manually using a guide provided by the marketplace.

This is a simple way to start and to understand what a product data feed essentially is. In the long run such approach may bring the issues related to the product feed optimization and overall shopping campaign success.

The easy and cost-effective way of shopping campaign quality optimization is to use a dedicated feed management tool for your shop. Using such addon to your shop you can easily exclude products that are irrelevant for the product feed. These can be out-of-stock items, products with no image, unprofitable products, etc., which can be excluded by using the respective product filter.

A feed management tool can drastically help you with mapping the internal taxonomy of your store to the taxonomy of the marketplace. You won't have to change the product categories of your shop for each of thr marketplaces and shopping engines you wish to upload the product feed.

Feed management with Omega Shopping Feeds

Omega Shopping Feeds is a shopping feed management software that provides to the merchants on the Shopify platform a tool to easily manage and optimize the shopping feed for their catalog.

With the help of this comparison shopping engine data feed management solution shop owners can spend less time configuring their feeds for various external shopping platforms. It provides an intuitive interface that is easy to learn and makes comparison shopping feed management a simple task.

Online shops on Shopify platform have to be sure their shopping data feed are fully optimized to the requirements of the comparison engine in order to be accepted for further marketing. With our module a shop owner can adapt the product catalog of his eCommerce store to the shopping engine data feed format.

This application ensures the product feed will be up-to-date, and will be updated regularly to reflect the changes in the product attributes, like price, images, description, etc. With the shopping feed app the store's feed will contain all necessary information on marketed products.


Omega Shopping Feeds currently supports 65+ shopping and comparison engines. This module provides an easy interface for shopping feed management. Using it any shop owner can create an optimized product data feed to upload it on any of the supported marketplaces.

Additionally, the module offers functionality to create the product feeds for shopping marketplaces that are currently not in the list of the supported. A store manager can build product feed for such marketplace by himself or contact the module's support to receive an optimized product feed for the specific shopping engine.

Using this module for your Shopify store you can easily make any transformations to the catalog feed of your shop. Export to the shopping engine any additional field your store's product catalog has to improve the product data feed quality.

Quickly adapt your product feed to the requirements of multiple shopping and comparison engines, advertising platforms, marketplaces. Deliver your catalog data in the variety of formats and be sure it is regularly updated with a specified schedule. Additionally, use Google Analytics tracking capabilities to monitor the efficacy of your shopping campaign on any of the marketplaces you place your product catalog feed.

This module provides you with the tools for efficient shopping engine feed management.