Integrate Etsy with your Shopify store

Using the Etsy platform to sell items from a Shopify store

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Etsy acts as a worldwide online commercial center, where individuals meet up to trade items and gather other interesting things. Its main stakeholders are independent ventures and individuals, backing autonomous creators and cultivating a positive social impact.

Knowing that the Etsy shopping site is a virtual place for people and merchants to meet up, it’s really no wonder that it has no stockroom of its own. The main asset of this enterprise is its users and merchants who all have connected their own separate stores, including Shopify stores.

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Etsy is the premier worldwide commercial center for extraordinary and innovative merchandise. It's aim is to sell a vast number of exceptionally uncommon things, including carefully assembled pieces and vintage treasures as such exceptional items.

This marketplace declares human interaction as a central goal of its services in the period of expanding computerization. Shopping on Etsy helps local vendors transform their thoughts through innovativeness into effective eCommerce organizations. This online foundation interfaces them with a large number of purchasers searching for an alternative online shopping option that is unavailable on other online marketplaces. Etsy shopping provides them with something uncommon that is flavored with a human touch and creative mind.

Shopping on Etsy for creative things

Etsy enables vendors to do the things they love doing most and at the same time, it assists purchasers in discovering which items they want.

Anybody can become a vendor and start selling uncommon things. Etsy provides a commercial place for collectors and crafters to make sales, letting them showcase high quality items, vintage products that are more than 20 years of age, and both handcrafted and non-hand tailored items.

Etsy shopping online brings together sellers by offering them low service charges on sold goods, and incredible infrastructural assets for online sales. At the same time, it provides an extended support program, and backs up the sellers when they start using its platform. A starting fee for beginning selling with Etsy comes out to about 20 cents.

Make purchases on Etsy in an exceptional manner due to the unique items listed on this platform. Shoppers can find some particular items they’ve wanted to purchase for a while, and they also can encounter some unforeseen interesting things that may be hand crafted.

This marketplace provides users with product hunting instruments that greatly assist purchasers in their search for extraordinary and stand-out items offered by vendors registered on Etsy. The online service provides an additional path for discovering goods with the help of a built-in Journal, in which editors hand-pick the most interesting items they observed on this trading platform.

Shopping on this platform is done securely by providing purchasers and merchants with an interface that protects both parties. The Etsy commercial center helps to keep the trading process fun and at the same time ensuring it is secure.

Integrating Shopify into Etsy online shopping

A Shopify store can be incorporated with Etsy by using Etsy feeds. Shopify merchants can, without much of a stretch, relocate their item listing to this online platform and bring in additional purchasers.

Incorporation into the Etsy furnishes vendors with the following accompanying advantages:

  • Merchants can easily synchronize the stock of their Shopify shop. Such an opportunity simplifies the stock managing task and reduces the amount of manual work.
  • Import things for sale into the product listing. This functionality allows merchants to keep all posted goods updated without much of a stretch.
  • Dealing with orders and charging for purchases. Bookkeeping gets simpler if the shop is enlisted under a similar name on both Shopify and Etsy platforms.

Etsy and Shopify share a ton of functionality, and on the off chance that you already have a successful business running on Shopify, don’t miss the opportunity to exploit Etsy benefits as well.

Fees to incorporate a store into Etsy

Etsy offers a basic and straightforward process of incorporating a merchant’s store into its platform. Merchants can begin selling in this marketplace without big overhead expenses. Etsy charges no extra monthly fees, and the starting listing fee is equal to USD 0.20. Expenses on listing fees are charged exclusively in USD currency, so in case a merchant's bank account isn't issued in USD, this sum might shift in some range depending on changes in the currency exchange rate.

When a merchant embeds a listing on Etsy, he or she gets up to four months of time to begin selling. Etsy earns money on each sold item a store makes. Additionally this platform takes 5% for a transaction fee that is used for covering the Paypal services. It is a standard payment for PayPal on processing transactions.

This marketplace measures installments with PayPal, which is a third-party service that permits merchants to handle exchanges with an assortment of transaction techniques. Assets from deals on Etsy will be kept into the merchant's account in PayPal.

Etsy charges an additional 15% fee to publicize product propositions of the store across its online platform using Offsite Promotions. The service takes money when a merchant sells some items from one of those promotions. Offsite promotions are discretionary for most merchants, yet they might be required for some merchants. It depends on the earning amount that is made in deals by a shop on Etsy in a year's time frame.

Tools Etsy provides to merchants

Invest less energy dealing with the shop's product catalog and use that free additional time on the pleasant aspects of your business. Etsy provides merchants with instruments to help them on any stage. Those instruments will be beneficial in case a merchant is just at the beginning of his or her journey on Etsy, or is an experienced seller on this platform.

Etsy allows merchants to manage their profile and product catalog from anywhere in the world using mobile phones. The Sell on Etsy app is available on smartphones and helps in order managing tasks. Using it greatly simplifies the process of making updates for product listing, and keeps connections with shoppers even on the go.

For increasing sales, this platform offers dedicated tools that drive traffic. Using such tools, it becomes possible to make connections with more purchasers by advancing postings in search or utilizing sharing options on Etsy and online media networks.

Examination of the efforts is a key to success when working on increasing the revenue stream. Etsy provides merchants with measuring tools that show shopping patterns and sources of new clients to the shop in explicit details. These valuable insights help to keep sales steady and expand the business.

Acknowledge financial installments from the shoppers via a third-party PayPal service. Etsy uses this service to greatly simplify financial transactions for purchasers.

Get Etsy Plus for plans to enhance sales

A bonus program called Etsy Plus that becomes available after the initial registration on this platform allows merchants to obtain additional possibilities on customizing their shops.

Receive expanded control on the visual look of the shop’s frontend with adjustable tools that include new layouts, highlighting of the posted content to direct the attention of the shoppers on the items that require it most.

Utilizing the Etsy Plus plan, it becomes possible to maximize the number of deals for items that customers wanted to purchase when they were out of stock. Shops get tools to email interested customers on the occasion when the out-of-stock item is back on sale. This functionality also allows enhancing stock planning by tracking which item postings generally get the most attention from shoppers.

Provide shoppers with easy access to the items a Shopify store sells by sending them to their own unique web address of the shop. Using a unique distinctive and short domain name for a shop’s website address makes business cards look cleaner, and shoppers can remember it much easier.

Etsy lets you save money on buying an address in a .com domain. Alternatively, a merchant may use an address in a .store domain. In the former case, the domain name price drops half as much, and in the latter case, a store can use the domain name free of charge for a whole year.

Etsy Plus additionally offers a reward posting and points that can be used for store promotion. Merchants may get 15 such points and a $5 that every month will be credited to the promotional efforts with Etsy advertisement service.

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Integrating Shopify into Etsy

Analyze the product catalog of a Shopify store and construct a feed by adding items that should be sold on Etsy. Examine general requirements to the products that are allowed on Etsy since this platform has a strict policy on that, and it is mostly aimed at unique and hand-crafted items. While adding items to the listing, try not to mix up items that are expected to sell on Shopify and items that should be sold on Etsy’s commercial center.

For the next step, make a vendor account on Etsy’s website. The platform allows users to use similar names for the Etsy account name and a brand name of the Shopify shop.

Introduce some item feed modules for managing the shopping feed for Etsy on the Shopify store. One of such modules is the Omega Shopping Feeds app, which is available in the Shopify application store.

Generate the feed by means of the feed managing app and bring it to the Etsy system. For this feed, Select the list of items that ought to be transferred to Etsy’s platform.