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Why Sell On Billiger.de?

With billiger.de, you'll find products in all kinds of categories like Technology & Home Electronics, Cars & Motorcycles, Baby & Child, Healthcare & Cosmetics, Household, Garden, Food, Media & Games, Clothing or Sports. You'll certainly find what you're looking for. Germany's big price comparison billiger.de is a project of solute GmbH and was launched in March 2004. The platform helps online shoppers to find inexpensive offers from trustworthy shops. Detailed and clearly prepared product information makes it easier for Internet users to choose between millions of offers from several thousand shops.

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Easy Export Your Products

With our Shopify application, shopping feeds management becomes an easy task.

The application automatically exports the data from your shop's catalog to the selected shopping service.


Filter Out Irrelevant Products

Use filters to configure which products should be included into the feed.

For example, exclude items that are out of stock or don't have a product image.


Make Any Modifications to the Feed File

You have the full power of generating the product feed the way you need by directly editing the feed template.

Create a duplicate of any existing feed to use it as a template or start from scratch with empty template.


Present Your Products in All Details

You can export to the marketplace items with all custom product fields you added to them.

For example, you sell one item in several variants of color and you want to distinct such variant in the feed.


Precisely Target Your Product Niche

Overcome the differences in the category tree of your shop and a shopping engine with category mapping option.

Visitors of global marketplaces will be able to find your products in the exact categories they expect.


Get Support From Our Experts Team

We have created an application to provide easy of use, but we understand problems and questions can come up.

Our experts team will help you to optimize your feeds for requirements of each marketplace.

Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks, price aggregators, and product comparison sites.