Features for Magento

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completes customer search query automatically

Search Autocomplete

After entering the first letters, Omega Search completes customer search query automatically.

Corrects typos and misspellings

Spell Correction

Corrects typos and misspellings quickly, so your customers don't have to worry about their spelling errors.

customer can get results for part of their phrase.

Fallback Search

If there's no products for the entire search, customer can get results for part of their phrase.

search autocomplete

Singular / Plural Search

Find the right results by searching with singular and plural words. Stemmer brings this feature to life using morphology perprocessor.


With the use of synonyms, find the same results for words that have same meaning.

Long-tail search

Successfully perform long-tail searches where slashes and hyphens are not longer a barrier for quality results.

Stop words

Get clean search results without 'a', 'the', 'an' or other stop words getting in a way.

Multi-store support

Multi-store support

Own multiple sites? Not a problem.
You can have multi-sites with one search solution.

Speak any Language

Speak any Language

Have a multilanguage site?. Omega Instant Search knows how to search in any language.

Push out of stock items to the end

Push out of stock items to the end

Pushes unavailable products to the end of results, which emphasizes only your available items.

Search Redirects


I a customers searches for "jewelry", redirects can send them to the entire jewelry page in your store.